"Many began the year with prayer and fasting.
I heard the Lord say to me, "This is a year of Signs and Wonders."
–Ted Shuttlesworth


My Friend,

A miracle is when Jesus shows his power over the natural world.

I remember the first miracle that I ever saw as a boy. There was a woman in my father’s church who had a withered and drawn up arm. She came down to the altar to pray with the rest of the church at the end of the service.

My father was walking along the altar and stopped in front of this sister. He said, "How many believe that Jesus is alive?" Everyone shouted, "Yes." Then, he took the woman's hand and arm and said, "Then you should lift your hands and praise him!" When she did, her arm grew out, and she received a miracle.

Years later, I was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I was holding a revival for the Assembly of God church, and one night, as I was walking across the front of the altar, there stood a woman whose right arm was withered. I thought of the night that the Lord used my father to pray for that woman in his church, and suddenly I had faith to pray for her. Her arm was lengthened that night! Miracles breed miracles, but the preaching of faith produces the working of miracles for the people. Why are there not more miracles? I believe it's because preachers are not preaching faith.

There was a crippled man that was carried to Jesus' meeting. His four friends went up on the roof and lowered him down to where Christ was. When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the man, "Whether is easier, to say, Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to say, Rise up and walk?" Luke 5:23 The man was not only healed that day but forgiven of sins. We need to understand that the "working of miracles" is the evidence of a living Christ that brings healing and forgiveness for all.

In a recent meeting, I preached Oral Roberts' old sermon, "Raising the Roof for Victory." The Lord gave me a now word for this day we're living in. It is time to got to a new level in our faith. Our world needs Christ's forgiveness, and the Lord taught us that this is connected to the working of miracles.

I want to make available this full teaching recorded live at our Signs and Wonders Campmeeting in Margate, Florida. There are so many people attending our meetings that we are buying another truck and trailer to haul our equipment. Whatever you can give to help us this month, I will send you the DVD, Raising the Roof for Victory.

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