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September 2023


God uses powerful partnerships to bring His plans to pass.

Adam and Eve brought a new civilization.
Moses and Joshua brought God's children out of bondage.
Elijah and Elisha brought deliverance from idolatry.
Naomi and Ruth brought the seed of David and ultimately salvation.
Peter and John brought the power of God to a lame man.
Paul and Silas brought salvation to the Philippian jailer and his home.
YOU and I brought salvation and healing to the SOULS OF THE SUMMER!


Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Milton, Brampton, Six Nations, Kettle Point, Sarnia, and Parkersburg; from the south to the north, from the United States to Canada, and back again!


From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord's name is to be praised. Psalm 113:3


YOU were there when the Gospel was preached . . . miracles happened . . . and altars were filled . . . and thousands were set free! How? Your prayers and agreement and your generous giving made all this possible.


Thank you my friend and partner. I could not take the Gospel around the world without YOUR HELP!

The next three months are critical for our world and Nation. That is why I have prepared 13 weeks of television which was recorded from under the big Gospel tent. These special programs are loaded with faith and miracles.

Partner, we have an opportunity to show God's power to the world NOW, in Jesus Name! We are now on the air in almost 200 nations of the world. Two different networks have informed me that our telecast is the number one program in viewership.

Praise God for this and you played a big part in this outreach as well. I have asked the Lord for 1,000 Partners to give $1,000 dollars in the next 90 days. We will do this with God's help and your faithful Partnership!

Time is running out for planet Earth and its' inhabitants. We must realize that we are living our lives in the light of eternity. Therefore, we must ACT and GIVE and PRAY today! I look forward to hearing from you, My wife and I have given the first $1,000 dollars and I thank the Lord that you will join us in this great work with God.

Thank you partner for your help and remember together we are making a difference.

Confident in Him,

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