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Evangelist Ted Shuttlesworth

It was 39 years ago that the Lord told me to be in Canada on the first day of August. My wife and I drove to Canada and we came to Mississauga and the adventure began!


2017 will be our greatest year in Ministry for this great Nation of Canada. Canada celebrates 150 years as a Nation. Our prayers are for a mighty revival to sweep this country from the Maritimes to British Columbia, and from the Arctic Circle to the U.S. border. CANADA SHALL BE SAVED!


Currently we are showing God’s Miracles on YES TV every Saturday at 11:30 AM ET. Thousands of people across the Nation have called for prayer. A special documentary of God's Miracle Power will be released to the French-speaking people as well. Please pray for our telecast.

We will be conducting several strategic meetings next year. One of these meetings is to be held in Montreal, Quebec. It has been many years since I preached in this city. We are also going to hold two crusades in Western Ontario, as well as our annual Campmeeting next year. Pray that God will bless these meetings.


There is a great outpouring of the Spirit among the First Nation People. We will be holding a special outdoor crusade under the tent in Six Nations, Ontario. Pray for this Outreach.


Our desire is to push the Gospel forward by every means possible in 2017. I have asked the Lord for 1,000 people throughout Canada to help us impact the Nation this year. Whether they give monthly or a special one-time gift of $100 during the year, help is needed now to take the Gospel with signs and wonders to touch the hearts of every Canadian.

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